The (New) Beginning

She was staying with her mother recovering from surgery. Our dogs made that arrangement favorable, and things were going as planned. I was holding down everything at the house, working my job, and sending cute, sweet nothings type texts between the 'I miss you' phone conversations and evening visits with her at the mother-in-law's house.

A little over two weeks into her recovery, she's more mobile. Driving her car, lifting light weight, walking without wincing in pain, and calling me at about 10:00 PM crying saying "We need to talk".

She wanted to do it in person, so she came back over to the house and we locked the dogs out of the room so we could have a quiet place to chat. She proceeded to lay it all out- she was feeling that something was 'calling' her, and she wanted to go wander around Southeast Asia. Not a visit, no cultural or ethnic heritage to be researched, not a vacation. She wanted to bounce between who knows how many countries living there and working there, and for 2+ years each. The only way we could stay together was if I was to sell my house, quit my job, leave my family and follow her around doing who knows what the fuck.

So, yeah, you read that right. She went full Eat Pray Love.

This was 3 days ago.

Writing has always been a good coping mechanism for me. So this is it, from the start. My journey on the other side of Eat Pray Love - future evaporated and needing to carve a new path. All the ups, downs, and new journeys of an almost 40 man-child figuring everything the fuck out. Again.


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